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The Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ is a veteran’s advocate group.  We use the full circle from a fresh start to paying it forward theory that we created.  We are a nationwide program which recognizes that it often takes a tribe to help those in need.  So when we need more assistance in helping our veterans, we work with other nonprofits throughout the nation.  With Crusaders Valor for Veterans™, we start by fixing the emergency problem(s) and then find out how the veteran and/or their family got into the situation they are in.  We gather the resources they need from new jobs to benefits and other programs their families may find of assistance.  As a program, if the problem is financial we often pay the bill(s) to get them caught up, and give them the fresh start they need by offering financial guidance to prevent the problem from happening again.  We ask the veteran and/or their family to pay it forward by helping another veteran in the future.

Red Pollard once said, “Everyone thinks we found this broken down horse and fixed him, but he fixed us.”

In the state of Colorado, we also have a horse retreat program at the Second Chance Ranch which brings families and veterans out to enjoy the peace and tranquility that only horses can give.  We enjoy working with the family or the individual teaching them about the unconditional love that horses can give.  Click Here for more information.

My Story
By Tracey

Hi, my name is Tracey and I am President and Founder of ‘Crusaders Valor for Veterans™.’  How I became the founder was an eye-opening experience; my son served over in Afghanistan and, once he returned, appeared to be a normal guy just happy to be home. I Thank God someone told me that we was struggling with the demons of what he’d seen, done, and experienced while overseas. I was Blessed to get to him before he became another statistic of the 22 Veterans who end their lives every day

People seem very good at extending an arm to shake a Veteran’s hand and thank them for their service, but what those who’ve served really need is a hand up, not your hand out. Most are too proud to even begin to admit they need help before it’s too late. We must extend our help  before the demons circling in their heads have a chance to win.

Returning Veterans often find themselves in trouble, hooked on VA drugs or alcohol, or have domestic issues attempting to be the man or woman they were  when they left, only to find a society that they feel they can’t communicate with; one that believes life lays within their mobile phones, and not in face-to-face communication these Veterans became familiar with (the brother code).

Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ has created a program for our Veterans: “Full Circle, Fresh Start, Pay it Forward”. First we try to find out what the emergency is and we fix it. Next, we look deeper into how they got into their particular situation in order to  pair them with the right guidance and address every issue. Our goal is to give struggling Veterans a fresh start so they are able to pay it forward to another Veteran.

I recently met a young man who is a Veteran of the Iraq war named Timothy. In his first message, Timothy was reluctant to reach out and ask for help. He said that he’s tried to find help everywhere else and asked everyone he could think of, but nothing yielded help, so he reached out to us.

As I listened to Timothy, I realized he was still in a very fixable stage of the full circle recovery. Helping him would prevent him from one day becoming a statistic. The men and women that need help are afraid of reaching out to ask for help, believing that they’d be judged for their struggles. The Crusaders can give them all the guidance, connections, and support they need. With our dedicated team, there’s always a person to reach out to.

To continue aiding our Veterans, we need your help, too. We are all truly Cowgirls at heart – we ride horses and care for others. However, to continue helping Veterans get their fresh start, we need  enough funding.

Timothy needs about $1000 to start him on the right path.  The average Veteran needs  between 2 and 3 thousand.  We don’t give the money to the Veteran themselves. Instead, we pay their bills directly. From rent to car payments and everything necessary; a big part of recovery is eliminating stressful factors which makes healthy living difficult to obtain.

Once we stabilize their emergency, it’s time to find out how this all happened so we can find  them a job, better VA benefits, and counseling resources for families, just to name a few. We spend all day helping the Veterans with our actions and hearts, and we need your help.

We need you to give a hand up to a Veteran. Say thank you for your Service, but back up words with action. Please donate to help us help a Veteran today. It could give a veteran the fresh start they so desperately need – your kindness could save their life. You have a choice!! Words or Actions?



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NOTICE: Crusaders Equestrian Team has changed its name to Crusaders Valor for Veterans.