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The mission of the Teal Trotters is to reach out to women impacted by ovarian cancer, walking alongside them in their journey. Ovarian cancer is a difficult treatment to endure and there are limited resources for women going through it. Teal Trotters offers support and assistance to these women. Goals of the program include delivering care packages to women newly diagnosed and offering financial support through donations.

Testimonial from the Teal Trotters Founder:

Welcome to the Teal Trotters!

My name is Kathy Madron and I was diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer in 2015. I am a mother of five wonderful children, soon to be grandmother or rather MiMi and a registered nurse. As of February 2016 I have been cancer free. The goal of telling my story is to hopefully encourage all women of all ages to listen to your bodies and be your own health care advocate! Also to know that there is hope and your diagnosis is not your life story but only a chapter!

My symptoms began February 2015 with some pelvic discomfort and feeling full even after eating only a small amount. I contacted my GYN doctor and was told my body was probably adjusting to a uterine procedure I had done.  Being a nurse I let it go for a few months but had a nagging feeling something wasn’t right. During this time I lost my grandmother so I felt my symptoms also worsened with the trauma of losing her. The tiredness I felt was indescribable!  The symptoms got increasingly worse. Pelvic pain to the point that it was painful to sit, stand, or walk. My belly had a pooch that was bigger than my normal and it became difficult to eat. Bowel movements became difficult and I also would have some urinary incontinence.

Finally August of 2015 I called my primary doctor for the pelvic pain, belly pain and nausea. He sent me for a pelvic ultrasound and before I arrived home he called and told me I had “masses” on both ovaries and he had an appointment for me with an oncologist. I was devastated and terrified. I had lost a friend Nicole (Coley) to ovarian cancer the beginning of the year and I knew it had been awful for her. What was going to happen to my kids, my family, my friends?!?  How could this be happening to me??  I was very good about going to all my yearly exams. I was healthy, I had no risk factors!!  The oncologist was fairly certain that I did not have cancer.

September 11th I went in for my outpatient surgery with plans to go to my oldest daughters’ bachelorette party after recovery. To my disbelief I woke up with a total hysterectomy, bowel resection and diagnosis of ovarian cancer. My family was shocked and so upset. The recovery was awful and painful. There is no way to explain how that makes you feel to hear that dreaded “C” word!! The week following surgery was very tough and at times I was praying for God to take me.

The next step was preparing for chemo. The unknown of what would happen with that was also another challenge. After my chemo treatments I had genetic testing and they determined I had the BRCA 1 gene. I will not say it is an easy road to travel but there is hope! Ovarian cancer is a difficult one due to the fact there is no preventative screenings for it! We need to get the word out there and spread teal across the continent!! Let’s raise money for research and save women’s lives. If anyone ever wants to talk or has questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime!!

“Hope is the Only Thing stronger than Fear!”

Teal is the new pink, think below the waist!!


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