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Teal Trotters

Teal Trotters is a program designed for ovarian cancer sufferers & survivors as a much-needed distraction allowing them to enjoy the moment and ease the focus of worry and angst over their condition .  We understand that the mental challenges often can be as overwhelming as the physical one and believe horses can help participants cope with stress and reduce anxiety and depression as well as  PTSD symptoms.

Testimonial for the Teal Trotters Founder:


My name is Kathleen Madron. I am a mother of five beautiful children, a soon to be grandmother, a registered nurse, and an ovarian cancer survivor. I hope my story encourages all women of all ages to know your bodies and the signs of ovarian cancer and never lose faith in your journeys back to good health. Women know what to do when they feel a breast lump, but the uncertainty the often vague symptoms of ovarian cancer made it hard for me to think it was anything but normal "woman stuff. Bloating, swelling in my lower abdomen, fatigue, pain, headaches, body aches urinary frequency and pressure on my bladder. I thought to myself, these are just normal symptoms women typically get every month. I kept thinking the nagging uneasiness over subtle changes taking place in my body were due to aging even though I was only 42 years old, or because I'd had so many children that maybe I needed bladder surgery. I thought my bladder had been weakened by having five children. Besides, I was so good about getting my yearly exams. If ANYTHING was wrong, a pap test would surely warn my doctor. SOMETHING would show up, right? ". Well little did I know, and was soon to find out that pap tests don't detect! I finally decided enough was enough. As the saying goes, and I understand so well, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I decided to go for a doctors visit. He ordered a CT scan which showed a very large tumor in my abdomen and peritoneal walls, a thin, delicate sheet that lines the inside wall of the abdomen and covers the uterus and extends over the bladder and rectum. . My story begins on September ----which will be a day forever etched into my mind. The doctor came in to tell me the news everyone fears! I had cancer? Stage III ovarian cancer? How can that be? I was so surprised, stunned, speechless. It was like it was happening to another person. I felt as though I was watching the situation unravel from afar, was this really happening to me?

~Some people grin and bear it - others smile and change it~

Please contact Kathy Madron for more help or information 303-775-2246