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"I recently encountered a difficult stretch in my life but was hesitant to ask for help due to my own pride and not knowing where to turn. I finally reached out to Tracey and the Crusaders and I could not have been more pleased with the process. They are truly passionate about helping Veterans and they treated me with respect. 

If you are a Veteran struggling, regardless the issue, I highly recommend contacting the Crusaders as they want to help. Their network is extensive and they will find you assistance. 

Tracey and the Crusader group: Thank you for your compassion and the help you provided. It was truly a blessing and my girls and I are grateful!!"

-A Thankful Veteran
"We are the Nusspickel Family and a family of 7. There is my husband Ed a 14 year Army veteran, myself, and our 5 boys, yes I said 5, ages 20, 14, 10, 2, and 1.

Over the years we have always been the family helping out those who may need help. However, this last year has been a struggle for our family. With myself unable to work this last year due to illness and our family growing from 5 to 7 when we took in our nephews due to unfortunate circumstances my husband had to take on two jobs. He became ill suffering two strokes in his lower limbs causing him to have to have two femeral artery bypasses which caused him to have to take a great deal of time off causing things to get a bit more difficult.

We were at our wits end and drowning and had no clue how we were going to make it and provide Christmas for our family until my husband found Crusaders. We were at that point where the power and water company wanted more then what we could pay them and our car broke down. We were going to be in the dark with no water and didnt know where we were going to get Christmas from when these ladies rode in and blessed us with the help that they thrive to give to veterans and their family.

These ladies dont just help with the utilities they have so many resources to help with whatever needs that the family may have from a simple bill being paid to helping a veteran with their claims and military benefits. They have such a huge network.

We say thank you Crusaders and the good Lord above for blessing our family with your help. Please please help these ladies continue their journey of being God's angels for veterans in need. Again thank you Tracey and the Crusaders for giving our family a fresh start for the new year."

-Nusspickel Family