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Home of Colorado's Family Equestrian Team! 

Crusaders Royalty


Crusaders Rodeo Royalty 


Hi! My name is Emily. I am 11 years old. I have been riding horses ever sense I was 9. It hasn't been that long, but I have learned  a lot about horses. I can't wait to do my first rodeo with my horse Lexie. I am going to do barrel racing, ranch sorting, grand entry's and parades. I enjoy camping with my family and spending the holidays with them. I look forward to helping others, which I love! Have a nice day!


Valor for Veterans Royalty


Hi, my name is Ella.I am 12 years old. I have been riding horses since I was 10 years old.Riding horses had been my dream for a long time. I have a horse named Walter,  we do grand entry's, ranch sorting, and  parades . I Love meeting and helping the veterans, And Hope I can meet you guys soon. 



Hi  I'm Bella I'm 7 years old and have been riding since I was 5, my horses name is Lady Bug and she is so fun. We take care of each other. I love to do the charity events and meet people. I can't wait to be old enough to do the grand entry's, but for now I can do parades. 


Mascots Crusader and Glory

Woof.  We love the Crusaders because we get to be goodwill ambassadors and greeters  at charity events.

Updated April 2017