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They say “Cowgirl,”  is a condition of the heart, we The Crusaders believe this to be true.  Cowgirls come from all over, with different backgrounds. Making up a team;  girl, horse, faith.  We use our God Given strengths, talents, and hearts to help the community and those in need. These incredible Cowgirls fight for those that no one else will fight for, looking pretty darn good doing it. Getting all dressed up is fun, but we are not afraid to get dirty and get the work done. We use horses and our love for the Lord to guide our cowgirl driven hearts. The Crusaders Royalty, work with many different charities and organizations to make this world a better place.  Our new program “Valor For Veterans” is going to be amazing, as we use horses to help America’s Hero’s; sharing the feeling, only a horse can give.

The program goals:

To love Jesus
To care for and ride horses
To compete in our chosen equine sport
To use our talents to bring awareness to our charities
To be strong-willed, tough, big-hearted young ladies that always remember to thank God

No matter where you come from, you create your future

Get to know the Crusaders Queens

Hi, I’m Megan, the Crusaders Queen. I have been involved with the Crusaders for four years. This program has had such a positive impact not only on my life but all those we meet and help. With the Crusaders I participate in many non-profit charity events, parades, and grand entries, all to promote our 4 programs, I’m so thankful to be on this amazing Squad. We have a very dedicated heart driven organization that believes in helping our Veterans with our Valor For Veterans program. I’m excited for our new platform and it’s ability to help us help more veterans nation wide. My horse’s name is Little One.I enjoy barrel racing, attending parades, grand entries, and most of all teaching veterans how to ride. Thank you for reading my Bio and feel free to read our other members of our organizations Bios as well!

God Bless

Hi, I’m Kyra, a Queen for Valor for Veterans. Our newest program, is called Teal Trotters created for those effected by ovarian cancer. This program is close to my heart due to my mom being a survivor of Ovarian cancer. For the last 3 years I have been on the Crusaders  Squad. It’s an honor to be closely involved with such amazing programs. We are always trying to change lives.  It brings me great pleasure to be able to give back and show appreciation to those who sacrificed so much for our Country. With my horses  Gwen, and Valor we participate in parades, grand entry’s, ranch sorting, and barrel racing. This team has been such a fabulous opportunity for me to meet so many people. The skills I have learned are invaluable.

Thank you! I look forward to meet each one of you.

Get to know the Crusaders Princesses

Hi! My name is Bella. I am a Crusaders Princess and have been with the team for 2 years. I enjoy the volunteer events. and helping others. Making people smile is my favorite thing. Our program Valor for Veterans is rewarding, we get to give back to those that have sacrificed for our freedom. I love to help teach the young kids that come to the ranch,they remind me how lucky I am to have a horse. My horses name is Valor. We are a new team this year, but Valor and I take good care of each other. Our new program Teal Trotters is to help those who have dealt with ovarian cancer including my mom. I love riding and making others happy. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Howdy! My name is Melina and I am 8 years old and a Crusaders Princess. I have loved horses since the day I was born and even have a birthmark in the shape of a horse head, which tells me this life is my calling. I have been riding off and on for 3 years now and absolutely love being with Crusaders and my current horse Ladybug. Crusaders is an amazing program! My papa is a Vietnam war veteran with two purple hearts and I love that I can give back to other veterans the way my papa gave to our country! I also love swimming, volleyball and my dog Tyson

Crusaders Mascots

Mascots Crusader and Glory:

Woof. We love the Crusaders because we get to be goodwill ambassadors and greeters at charity events.


NOTICE: Crusaders Equestrian Team has changed its name to Crusaders Valor for Veterans.