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Home of Colorado's Family Equestrian Team! 

They say "Cowgirl,"  is a condition of the heart, we The Crusaders believe this to be true.  Cowgirls come from all over, with different backgrounds. Making up a team;  girl, horse, faith.  We use our God Given strengths, talents, and hearts to help the community and those in need. These incredible Cowgirls fight for those that no one else will fight for, looking pretty darn good doing it. Getting all dressed up is fun, but we are not afraid to get dirty and get the work done. We use horses and our love for the Lord to guide our cowgirl driven hearts. The Crusaders Royalty, work with many different charities and organizations to make this world a better place.  Our new program "Valor For Veterans" is going to be amazing, as we use horses to help America's Hero's; sharing the feeling, only a horse can give. 


The program goals: 

  • To love Jesus 
  • To care for horses 
  • To ride horses 
  • To compete in our chosen equine sport  
  • To use our talents to bring awareness to our charity's 
  • To be strong willed, tough, big-hearted young ladies, that always remember to thank God
  • No matter where you come from, you create your future

Get to know the Crusaders Queen


Crusaders Valor for Veterans

Lead Queen Nikohl

Hi!  My name is Nikohl.  I am 15 years old and have been riding horses since I was 7.  I have always loved horses, but did not realize the joy of riding until I started on the Drill Team and later Barrel Racing.  My passion for horses and riding has brought me back to the Crusaders.  Outside of riding and being a member of the Crusaders, I keep my grades up in school to hopefully receive a scholarship for Vet school.  I enjoy camping with my family, mudding, trail riding and hunting.  I look forward to being a Crusader, helping others and continuing to do what I love!

Updated May 2017