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About the Cowboy Ministry...

The other day I was asked “What is a cowboy ministry?”. Good question I thought. It is not about symbolism over substance. It’s not about what a person wears to worship; it’s not about the building that worship is done in, for God is everywhere. It is about the heart and the mind they bring to worship. As westerners we all are sired by frontiersmen and women. Life was any thing but easy just as it is not easy today. Sure we might have more comforts than our forefathers, but the challenge of being a Christian is still the battle we fight. We are fragile creatures that need constant reminding of what we are to do. It’s not about ten dollar preacher words that just muddy the water. I guess it’s not even about religion, but about a relationship with the Lord put in terms that are understandable and ready for use. It is using the stories we live everyday and seeing the good or the evil in every day dealings. Bottle feed to grass feed. Not to be just hearers of the word but doers of the word. We must take a hard look in the mirror, and it ain’t always pretty.

Before the good news of salvation can be told the tragedy of sin must be understood. Double minded people are a danger to themselves and others around them. Ya can’t sit on the fence when it comes to your everlasting spirit, you will make yourself far too easy of a target for the enemy. We must all fully know that God loves us but sin has separated us. God has a plan for this problem and it is his son. Have you accepted his son and what he did out of love for you and me? 

The Christian life is a broad road of happiness, joy, peace, blessings, success, significance and contentment, which is ironically gained by choosing the narrow road of surrendering, obedience, self-denial, self- sacrifice, truth, worship and service. Simply the choice is yours, you can choose the easy one - most do. Living in the world that is self serving, it’s all about me and what I want is the way of a fool, or choose to defend the helpless, help those who no cares about, stand for what is right and you will live a life worthy of the calling you have received from your father the king. What good person regards any misfortune as no concern of his? This is a cowboy ministry mindset.

Never say “whoa” in a tight spot

And do what needs doing.

Cowboy Pastor Ty Nazarenus



Crusaders Devotional 

Happy New year to all! May this year bring to you joy, health and most of all love. I think it's when a lot of people look ahead to change or reminisce of days past.

The Crusaders and Tracey started the third day of the New Year by visiting a V.A. hospital. This particular V.A. was a facility where vets from different eras were all placed. The Second World War, Korean War, and Vietnam were the wars these men had served. Wars a lot of Americans wrongly place in the distant past and have forgotten these Soldiers as if they only exist in photographs or film reels.

I think all the Crusaders who attended felt a new found respect for these warriors of the past, who helped create the present day of which we all have received such benefits and blessings. The attributes of today are not paid for by us, however, by the men that sat there before their very eyes. The men in the photographs and film reels are real and spending time with them. The young had returned humbled and found gratitude and admiration for men the had never met but owed a great deal.

My hope is that their taking time to stop and look back may cause a pause in their and our lives to start looking even further back to what price was paid by Jesus for all of us. Then look forward to the bright light of a relationship with the founder and protector of our faith, Christ Jesus.

Bless the men who fought for our freedom to worship as we choose and thank you Lord, for the son of man who gives us reason to tightly hold on to the faith.

To the men on that day, the soldiers, a man is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.

"One man pretends to be rich but has nothing; Another pretends to be poor but has great wealth." Proverbs 13:7

Closing: I praise my Lord who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle. He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield in whom I take refuge.

Cowboy Pastor Ty