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Tracey Nazarenus
Lyndsay Ellsworth
Board Chairwoman
Trisha Mccamy
PRESIDENT/ Treasurer
Dan Foster
Richard Meyer
Member At Large
Jen Whitehill
Committee Chairs
Kathy Madron
Matt Drymon
Veteran Adviser
RET. COL. Cory Mahanna
American Homeless Fund
Nicholas Ramos
Jasse Brix

We are a Christian, non-profit 501(c)(3) charity organization. Our mission is to bring entire communities together so that we can make a difference in this crazy world. We have several outstanding programs, including Valor for Veterans, Rodeo Royalty, and the American Homeless Fund. All three programs are based on the same theory, which is  to help those in need, and then have them “pay it forward” so the circle continues.

Crusaders Valor for Veterans is a veteran’s advocate group.  We use the full circle from a fresh start to paying it forward theory that we created.  We are a nationwide program which recognizes that it often takes a tribe to help those in need.  So when we need more assistance in helping our veterans, we work with other nonprofits throughout the nation.  In Valor for Veterans, we start by fixing the emergency problem(s) and then find out how the veteran and/or their family got into the situation they are in.  We gather the resources they need from new jobs to benefits and other programs their families may find of assistance.  As a program, if the problem is financial we often pay the bill(s) to get them caught up, and give them the fresh start they need by offering financial guidance to prevent the problem from happening again.  We ask the veteran and/or their family to pay it forward by helping another veteran in the future.  In the state of Colorado, we also have a horse retreat program at the Second Chance Ranch which brings families and veterans out to enjoy the peace and tranquility that only horses can give.  We enjoy working with the family or the individual teaching them about the unconditional love that horses can give.

Crusaders Rodeo Royalty is a group of young women, dedicated to veterans, working to empower youth nationwide. These girls work tirelessly to spread awareness of everyday problems such as cyber bullying, gun safety, the treatment of veterans, and the overall well-being of people and animals everywhere. Crusaders Rodeo Royalty strives to be a positive role model for our youth and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Our royalty team is an amazing group of girls who have outstanding people skills, many God-given talents, and have fantastic equestrian skills.  They exemplify the cowgirl spirit that the Crusaders Team endeavors to promote and we are extremely proud to call this group of girls Crusaders Royalty.  We vouch for those who cannot vouch for themselves and hope that someday, those we help will pay it forward.

American Homeless Fund
The American Homeless Fund is a non-profit Triage Fund, providing immediate relief to homeless American’s in need of assistance. Our mission is to help those in immediate need, build awareness, gain support and watch the ripple effect of helping communities become stronger. Together, we can fight against homelessness.


NOTICE: Crusaders Equestrian Team has changed its name to Crusaders Valor for Veterans.