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About Us

The Crusaders Equestrian Team is a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit association which has a cowgirls veterans resource list, that pairs volunteers and veterans together to help solve the issues that are affecting their lives. We also use our horses through equine events and activities for young women, veterans and ovarian cancer survivors. We are also involved in, other adult and childhood cancers, from fundraising to research. As Crusaders we believe educating today’s youth about suicide and bullying prevention, is an excellent way to be inspirational role models for today's society. The Rodeo Royalty will attend Grand Entry's and Parade's throughout Colorado and Wyoming, to promote our programs and the "pay it forward," way of believing. Our association encourages teamwork between all the programs. Our amazing horses can help so many, that just need some peace and unconditional love.

The Crusaders Rodeo Royalty Program- We believe in the potential of young women.  Our program is designed to teach young women to model the concepts of loyalty, integrity, honesty and hard work which are part of a horse's natural being.  We encourage hope, healing, love and acceptance through the love of a horse by offering hands-on horsemanship; from grooming and ground work to riding and competing. The team is expected to participate in all the programs that help others. 


The Valor For Veterans program serves to honor veterans and enhance the quality of life for them and their families. Our Cowgirls Veterans Resource list is a fantastic way of connecting veterans with those in their communities, willing to help them with whatever issues they need assistance with. Through our equine program, we seek to provide a peaceful, refreshing positive farm environment, creating building blocks that bond veterans, volunteers, and horses. Horses are used as a living tool to facilitate well-being for those struggling with the symptoms of PTSD, mental health issues, and those suffering from combat injuries...both physical and emotional.


Crusaders Teal Trotters is a program designed for ovarian cancer sufferers & survivors as a much-needed distraction allowing them to enjoy the moment and ease the focus of worry and angst over their condition. We understand that the mental challenges often can be as overwhelming as the physical one and believe horses can help participants cope with stress and reduce anxiety and depression as well as  PTSD symptoms.  ~Winston Churchill once said, “[t]here is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”


Updated September 2017