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Tracey Nazarenus
Our mission is to bring the entire community together so that we can make a difference. We are a Christian, non-profit 501(c)(3) charity organization with four amazing programs. We are very excited to fully develop our National Veterans program “Valor for Veterans” and our “Full Circle, Fresh Start, Pay it Forward” program. Please check out our About Us page for details.

God Bless,
Tracey Nazarenus
Founder and President

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Crusaders Equestrian Team

❤ Feedback from Veterans

“even giving our kids Christmas“

I am a Veteran who reached out to Tracey (and the Crusaders) on a prayer… Without hesitation she was there, helping get our car repaired, helping with our bills, even giving our kids Christmas. This woman and her Crusaders are a God send to all of us veterans.

“Thank you“

If you are a Veteran struggling, regardless the issue, I highly recommend contacting the Crusaders as they want to help. Tracey and the Crusader group: Thank you for your compassion and the help you provided. It was truly a blessing and my girls and I are grateful!!

“don’t just help with the utilities“

These ladies don’t just help with the utilities, they have so many resources to help with whatever needs that the family may have from a simple bill being paid to helping veterans with their claims and military benefits.

“Proud Supporter“

I am a Proud Supporter of the Crusaders and Valor for Veterans. As a representative of Commonwealth Capital, I cannot think of a better way to give back than to help those who have sacrificed so much for us.